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A small place in the heart of the city, very few seats, open cooking points that give life to exquisite sweet and savory delicacies, a Bar that serves only drinks, coffee and exclusively Sicilian products ...

With these premises and on these basic points the project of Passami ù coppu develops as the place where paper cones filled with the poorest and most typical Sicilian delicacies as rice croquettes, potatoes croquettes, rascatura, panelle and paranza (fried little fishes and shellfish), in addition to the sweet delicacies of Sicilian pastries, meet new appetizing gourmet recipes and is filled with great and important flavors... A new concept that reinvents the idea of haute cuisine.

Our Company profile

Not a classic fry-shop nor a fast food where everything is precooked ready and hastily served... Passami ù coppu is a place where time passes slowly, where the dough rises for hours, where everything is prepared to perfection with zero-mile ingredients, organic flours of ancient Sicilian grains, fresh fish, strictly seasonal vegetables and fruit, no compromises, additives and preservatives of any kind ... like at home, as it once was.

Passmi ù coppu is all this but also much more... it is an Art fry-shop, where ART is in every corner: in the style details of painted majolica tiles, in antique furniture, in the rich velvets inside the shelves, in memorabilia like cart wheels and straw bags hanging on the walls. A place where Art enclosed and narrated in the same logo of Passami ù Coppu, entirely hand painted with the classic intense colors of the Sicilian tradition by artisans dedicated to the ancient tradition of the decoration of carts and typical stalls.

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Via Roma 195/197  - Italy

TEL +39 091 584498

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